Coach’s Corner



Increase Your Vocabulary!

During the first years of high school there is great opportunity to learn new vocabulary terms using just a small amount of effort each week.  Recognition of terms over time cements the learning process, and starting early gives the student a jumpstart on gaining more ability to learn more words.  This will help to prepare for standardized testing which comes later, and to grow the ability for greater understanding in reading and expression of ideas.  There are only positive benefits to learning more vocabulary, so begin now in memorizing about 3 new words a week!

You can use a site like to find new SAT vocabulary words.


The College Tour

When you schedule your visits, allow enough time to attend both, an information session and a college tour in order to fully understand what a college has to offer.  This will give you the ability to decide whether to leave a school on your list or take it off.  Bring the College Visit Checklist from the green KJM binder on your visit, to take notes and ask questions.  Its almost like a scavenger hunt finding out about a school.  Look at the bulletin boards in the hallways, pick up a school newspaper to read about what is important to the students, and talk with any professors or staff walking in the halls.

As you walk around the school think about:

  • Do the students you see seem productive, engaged, and happy?
  • Is the campus clean, well-lighted, and secure?
  • Does what you see reflect the school’s stated mission?
  • Does the school feel like a community? Are students interacting with teachers outside and inside the classroom? 

Follow these simple guidelines on a college tour and you will be able to tell if a school is a good fit and should be added to your college list!


The College Interview

There are different types of interviews offered at colleges.  Some are requested by the student others are requested by the college.  Interviews, such as an alumni interview and a student-led interview, typically are ones that are for information-gathering purposes.  Others, like the admissions officer led interview (after applying), and the scholarship interview are targeted to find out more about a student, to help in making a decision by the college on whether a student should be admitted and/or given merit aid.

To find out if an admissions interview is part of the college process search the school name/admissions interviews, to see the information they provide on their websites.  Typically, a college outlines if an interview is considered within the admissions process, and if so, it is a good idea to take advantage of it.  Presenting your strengths in an interview gives the college more information about your skills, abilities and personality, to help them get to know you, which can lead to a greater ability in admission consideration and merit aid awards.

They may ask questions such as:

  • Why are you interested in this school?
  • Describe a strength you have.
  • What do you do in your free time?
  • What is your favorite subject in high school?

Remember, if you schedule an interview with a college, KJM can conduct a mock interview to help you prepare!