College Essay Writing

In response to the increasing attention placed on the college essay, we offer our students an innovative and comprehensive approach to writing them. Not only will your college essay drafts be extensively reviewed by our college essay expert -a graduate of NYU’s Master’s program with 10+ years of teaching experience in both high school and college classrooms — but you’ll also receive access to our unique College Essay Master Class.

Unlike many services out there, which only offer students essay reviews after their drafts are already written, we first offer students the Master Class, featuring 10 exceptional, virtual lessons designed to empower students with the tools they need to write college essays they’re proud of, from the get-go. From brainstorming, to drafting, to revising that standout draft, the Master Class guides students through every step of the writing process, teaching them how to craft the perfect college application essay.

Specifically, the Master Class:

  • Helps you brainstorm an ideal and original essay topic-instead of a clich√©
  • Teaches you the unique organizational structure all successful essays adhere to -reveals the two tricks to creating a compelling opening paragraph and four keys to a memorable closing paragraph
  • Shares 20+ creative risks you can easily take guaranteed to transform any standard essay into a standout essay
  • Reviews TONS of student examples (including a full student essay) to help you understand the do’s and dont’s of college essay writing
  • And so much more

Upon completion of the Master Class and their first drafts, students then submit their essays for editorial review. Overall, this feedback will be thorough, concrete, and action-oriented, letting students know exactly what they need to do in order to successfully revise their essays.

It is this unique, two-pronged approach (of pairing our essay reviews with The Master Class) that leads our students to write successful college essays of the very highest caliber.