Thank you for helping guide [our son] (and us) through the college application process. Mr. Beers and his staff are experts at what they do, and take the stress out of the college application process. They are an invaluable asset in sorting through the myriad of concerns facing college applicants, and the ongoing college years. Everyone at KJM is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and responsive. I highly recommend KJM. We came to KJM late in the game, just as my son entered his senior year of high school. The help we received from all the KJM staff was amazing and they were so awesome even when my son switched his major last minute. Had I known about KJM, I would have signed up with them sooner. My son got into his top pick school and will also be playing football there as well! Highly recommend KJM!!

KJM staff were extremely kind and professional. We would highly recommend them. Overall, very good and a lot of one-on one time with Paul. We usually received same day responses, and at least same-day acknowledgement of our requests. FAFSA paperwork assistance was probably the most helpful aspect of KJM. Paul was very personal during discussions and we learned a lot about the process. I didn’t know that there was a difference in assets and that some did not have to be reported on the FAFSA. Between rearranging our finances and the successful financial aid appeal that Paul helped us with, KJM saved us literally tens of thousands of dollars. Well worth the money spent! Staff is incredibly helpful, patient, and responsive.

Truly enjoyed working with everyone at KJM Financial for both of my kids. KJM has been a tremendous help for our family. Much thanks!

KJM was super helpful and took the stress out of the college application process. Helped us set realistic financial goals. I highly recommend their service.

Thumbs up all the way!

Highly recommended

Lisa & Cindy are personable and easy to talk to! Could not have done it without them.